Judges Spotlight

Carrie Hansen 20190112_210532

How did you get involved with Judging?

Barb Diehl approached me at a competition while I was coaching, encouraged me to test. So I did!

How long have you been judging?

5 years

What is your favorite event to judge and why?

Beam-it was my favorite event to compete and coach, not any different as a judge. It challenges each gymnast mentally as well as physically, love it!

What is your favorite judging memory or experience?

I have two. When I sang the National anthem on the fly at my first judging assignment. Judging Compulsory State last spring.

What are your other hobbies?

Singing, playing piano, acting and going home to Disney World. I serve as President of the Board of Aspire Performance Academy of the Arts. It’s a non-profit performing arts extra-curricular school. I get to coach rhythmic and tumbling there too!

Tell me about your family? Kids? Pets?

My husband, Brent, and I have been married 21 years and have settled in Brigham City. We have 5 kiddos-Zack age 20(serving a mission in NC), Josh almost 18, Myah age 16, William age 10 and Megan age 9. We may not be the Von Trapps or the Osmonds but we SING. It is especially fun to sing as a family in the community, which we do often. We have one athlete, two ballerinas and 2 composers in our crew. Our schedule is always a bit of a juggle but we wouldn’t have it any other way! We don’t have pets-too many kids to raise.

Favorite Color?


Favorite food?


Something most people don’t know about you!

I grew up in the south and I MISS IT! I’m a former Wonderland Wanderer (Miss Alice) from Disney World.

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