Judges Spotlight

Tribute to Tina Paulos-Thank you for all you’ve done!


When did you start judging?

In 1984 I passed my first Utah High School Association Optional Judging Test. I judged HS Gymnastics from 1984 – 1990. I passed my first USAG Level 10 test in 1990, then, qualified for and passed my first National Judging Tests in 2001 and have continued to be a National Judge until August 1, 2021, when I retired.

In 1991 I tested and qualified as a National Men’s Gymnastics Judge as well. I judged boys club compulsory and optional meets up through judging State and Regionals and Men’s NCAA Meets for 15 years. This was at the same time as I judged Women’s Gymnastics through Level 10 and Women’s College Gymnastics.

While a judge, I was very grateful to serve on Wendy Atkinson’s NAWGJ UT Board, Linda Fenton’s NAWGJ UT Board, Cathy Bennion’s USAG UT Committee, and the NAWGJ UT SJD for four years. A BIG THANK YOU to all the judges and coaches in our state and region who have given so much service to keep our wonderful sport of gymnastics growing and reaching high levels of excellence all over the country and internationally!


What inspired you to be a Judge?

I was inspired to become a judge after being a gymnast myself, then coaching rec. gymnastics in Provo, Orem and Heber City, then coaching Girl’s High School Gymnastics when I taught full-time at Mountain View High School 1982 – 1983.


What is your favorite event to judge and why?

I enjoy judging all four events, but my favorite event to judge is uneven bars routines because they are so fast moving, dynamics, and powerful. I get a rush every time I judge an amazing bar routine! 

What is your favorite judging memory or experience?

My two most memorable meets were judging the 2009 NCAA National Championships in Nebraska and the 2010 NCAA National Championships in Florida, but I also loved judging at all the State Meets, Conference Championships, and Regional Championships I was privileged to judge during my 37 years as a judge.

What do you like to do in your spare times?

I like to hike, snow ski, play the piano and flute, sing, read, study foreign languages, write family histories, care for my grandchildren, and spend lots of quality time with my family!


What advice would you give new judges?

I would advise the new judges to thoroughly review the rules and routines of the levels you are judging that day ahead of time so everything is fresh in your mind and then, stay consistent in your judging no matter what color leotard the gymnast is wearing.

What are your future plans after judging?

My husband and I are both retiring in 2021 and we hope to serve a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2022 and then spend lots of time supporting our grandchildren!