Judges Spotlight

Cheryl Lassig

Cheryl family

Cheryl Lassig and family

How did you get involved with Judging?

My life got too crazy, and I didn’t have time to coach anymore.  I really wanted to stay involved with gymnastics so I decided to become a judge!  Fun fact – I always wanted to judge a gymnast.

How long have you been judging?

This will be  my 4th year!

What is your favorite event to judge and why?

I really love judging bars!  I love the quick pace and examining angles.  I really love judging them all though.

What is your favorite judging memory or experience?

My favorite memory was my first National Judges Cup in Virginia Beach.  A huge snow storm came in that weekend in an area where they do not do snow.  We had to walk in snow-boots to get to the venue.  The gymnasts had to work hard to get to the meet, which made the whole experience so memorable.   We all shared a special bond that weekend.

What are your other hobbies?

Yoga, Ballet, Reading and listening to real-crime podcasts.

Cheryl ballet


Tell me about your family? Kids? Pets?

 I have been married for 3.5 years to my amazing husband Tyler.  We just had our first child this summer.  We are beyond smitten with Amelia and absolutely adore being her parents.

Favorite Color?


Favorite food?

Anything Italian and seafood!

Something most people don’t know about you!


I speak German and am an assistant principal!