New Judges

Please review our Judges Handbook – Utah State Judges Handbook-Final

You’ve passed the test!! A member of the NAWGJ Utah state board will contact you to be your mentor in the process. Please, don’t be shy, ask questions if you don’t know what to do or haven’t heard from anyone.

Memberships Checklist:

Now that you have passed you need to become a member of the following associations and complete the following courses (prices subject to change*):

  • USA Gymnastics Membership – $93 yearly*
  • NAWGJ Membership – $60 yearly*
  • Safety Certification  – $65 (must re-certify every 4 years)*
  • Background Check – $20 + (must re-certify every 2 years)*
  • Complete U100 Course – $0 (Yay!!)
  • GymJas -(the judging assigning system) By registering on Gymjas you will be able to enter your juding availability and hopefully be assigned meets.  If you are not in the system, you will NOT be assigned to any meets. YOU will have to make sure your information is current in the system. If you test up and receive a new rating YOU will need to change it in GymJas so the assigners know.
  • Request access to Members only section of NAWGJ Utah Page. This section contains judging videos for testing higher, as well as need to know NAWGJ Utah information.

Practice Judging:

Practice Judging Form – Must be completed when you are a new judge or after testing up to a new level.

Once all your memberships have been taken care of you will need to judge a few practice meets before judging real meets. The following are requirements to judge in the state of Utah.

*Once in-gym practice judging session with an experienced judge.

*One practice judging session at a live competition.

Both of theses requirements will be schedule by the board and must be met before you will be assigned to a meet.

You are more than welcome to take advantage of additional practice sessions. Feedback from theses two requirements will determine your readiness for judging and you being assigned to your first competition. We want you to be ready and confident in your skills before you’re actually assigned to your first competition. 

Please contact your assigned judging mentor, Heather Carmody, or Nanette Walker if you need assistance of have questions!

Note: Your judging mentor must be assigned by Heather Carmody or a member of the Utah Judging Board 


Uniform information can be found on the NAWGJ website here.  It might be advantaqous to try and existing judges jacket on for sizing before purchasing. Lands End is the official supplier of NAWGJ uniforms.

The official uniform is not required when you first begin judging. In Rules and Policies the dress code is as follows:

Navy Skirt or pants and jacket with a white blouse. There is nothing stated about footwear. (Heels are discouraged because they can damage gymnastics mats) Business appropirate attire is suggested. Make sure your clothes are clean and that you look PROFESSIONAL!!

A great place to buy comfortable professional looking navy blue slacks is through Donalds Uniform. The slacks are called Tribal Dress pants – Yoga Style. The sizes run slightly big.  If you have additional questions about what to wear/what not to wear, don’t hesitate to give Heather, Wendy or your assigned mentor a call.