Being a women’s gymnastics judge can be a lot of fun! It is a way to stay involved in the sport you love as well as meet new people and make life long friends. Here are a few Pro’s and con’s to judging.


  • Great way to stay involved in the sport
  • You get paid! Refer to USA gymnastics Rules and Policies for current rate
  •  Judging gymnastics is fun! You get to sit and watch mostly beautiful gymnastics all day!
  • You meet great people. Judging can create life long friendships!


  • High start up cost! There are many costs and memberships that are involved into becoming a judge before you will ever be assigned a meet. You will need to complete all of the following registrations before ever being on the floor of a gymnastics competition (prices subject to change*):
  • Gymnastics meets are on weekends! If you want to judge you will have to be willing to give up a couple or more weekends a month. Once you state you are available for a  specific weekend you cannot back out.
  • Scheduling is usually done based on seniority and location.
  • Retesting is every 4 years
  • CPE (Continuing professional education) Judges are required to complete CPE based on judges rating every year. You do not get paid for attending CPE clinics and they usually cost money. Clinics and conferences can be fun though! You are with your judging friends!

Now that you know the Pros and Con’s about judging gymnastics. Next you are onto becoming a judge!

Now it’s time to take the steps to becoming a judge:

Becoming a judge can be an overwhelming process but we can help you through the process! Here are a few crucial things you need to know before becoming a judge:

USA gymnastics – Overview How to become a judge – This link will take you to information on how to become a judge.

HowToGuide-Judging – Read this handy article put out by USA gymnastics on becoming a judge.

www.nawgj.org – The National Association of Women’s Gymnastics website has valuable information on becoming a judge as well as study and judging Aids for new and current judges. Go to the website often, sign up to get email alerts when updates have been posted. Knowing this site and going to it frequently will help you when you are a judge.

These tools will give you vital information about becoming a judge, testing procedures and how to maintain your current level once you’ve passed your test.

Once you have read all of the information posted above it is time to decide if judging is right for you! If the answer is yes, then it is time to, contact Utah’s State Judging Director (SJD) Heather Carmody, buy your books, sign up for a test and start studying!

Did you pass?! If so please visit our New judges link for what to do next.