Board Meeting Minutes 10/15/15

NAWGJ Board Meeting 10/15/15

10:15am Heather Carmody’s House

In attendance:
Heather Carmody
Courtney Marsh
Josi Phillips
Jenny Diamond
Pat Bryant
Nanette Walker
Absent:  Wendy Atkinson

I. Judges Cup/Clinic

Huge success!  Heather will have financial when all checks have cleared. We had a net profit of $8000.00!

II. Website

Will remain the same for the moment.

III. Budget

Discussed goals for state funds and what it will be used for in the future.  Received contributions from So Cal and Nor Cal Region 1 NAWGJ state boards.  Talked about possible upcoming clinic (brining someone in) and sending someone to National Judges Cup (Hi-D will be attending) Heather will get a list of those interested and set guidelines for how judges will be chosen for this.  Clinics in the future will run the same financially with a minimal cost.

IV. GymJas/Assigning

Discussion of what is working and what isn’t.  Program working out but still having issues with college assignments during optional season.  Discussion will be ongoing until optional season to see what needs to change and whether we use GymJas next season.

V. State Meet assignments:

Cathy/Nanette VT, Wendy/Pat UB, Anne/Courtney BM, Tina/Jenny FX, Josi MR (updated changes in red due to affiliation)

Will check with State Board on days and times

VI. Christmas Party

Sunday December 6 Nanette Walker’s House 5:30pm

$10 gift, will divide food assignments by last name, Josi making invitation.

VII. Optional Clinic/Base Score

January 6, 2016/10:00-12:00.  Either Academy West or Sandy Library.  Checking locations then will confirm.

Adjourned 11:05am

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